April 01, 2013

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Holdster Bombing

Dropping a Bomb of Awesomeness

feel that there's something missing.  Admittedly, we're not the best at online communications and lately we've been thinking, how the hell can we tell people about our product?  To make a long story short, our Brand Manager, Hannah, had an idea that we liked.  In fact, we really liked it...  'Holdster Bombing'.

Holdster Bombing:

You can't communicate quality by writing about a product!  We try as hard as we can but the reality is that people need to hold things, use them, and interact with them on their own terms.  We need to be putting Holdsters into peoples' hands, physically, in order to get our message to them: We make a quality product.   

We've heard about a number of forms of positive bombing where the goal is to drop something awesome randomly in public for someone else's benefit.  We had heard about chair bombing and thought, why don't we start Holdster bombing?  We'll go out there into the world and leave Holdsters in places that will be noticed only by someone who was paying attention- the person who is an explorer of his or her everyday surroundings.  We wanted someone to experience the excitement of finding our version of a message in a bottle...

Check out the video: Holdster Bombing #1: Brooklyn