December 12, 2013

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Tis' the Season

Hot Scotchie: The Best Drink Ever?

Photo courtesy of the Hertz family: Burke, VT

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon an article on Beervana titled The Greatest Beverage in the World: Hot Scotchy (Hot Scotchie).  The author, Jeff Alworth, explained in simple english that the Hot Scotchie is "...objectively, the finest beverage known to man".  Good enough for me- I wanted one, right away.  I soon learned that it's a difficult drink to come buy: it's a cocktail that is made by drawing off a bit of Mash during the beer brewing process and adding your favorite scotch (good with a touch of cream, too).  This leaves two options: Homebrew or convince your local brewer to invite you down to have a hot scotchie the next time they're brewing.  A hot drink, scotch, a warm fire... that's my idea of a good holiday season.  Enjoy!