March 10, 2014

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Apres Ski

With this year's Olympics behind us I think we should all discuss the one part of winter sport that we all can partake in: The Apres Ski.  

After a long day of braving winter weather to enjoy the slopes, it's time to head in and indulge in some self-reward and have a nice malty beer.  The nice thing is, you can really have an Apres anything.  Apres Ski, Apres Work, Apres River Dancing, heck even Apres Not-Doing-A-Damn-Thing.  We all have moments where we deserve a beer and a well deserved beer tastes the best.

Every four years we tune in to watch athletes from around the world compete in sports that we don't usually pay much attention to.  They've been grinding away, bettering themselves and overcoming many obstacles with the hopes of one day standing atop a podium at the olympics.  When they finally show up on our TV screens, their stories are mostly written and we get to witness the climax.  There's something about these sports that gets me- it's just so raw.  Watching as athletes put themselves 100% on the line, laying out everything they have to have a chance at victory.  The triumphs and defeats are moving- they bring tears to my eyes.   I want to thank them- to tell them how impressed I am, and buy them a beer.  I can only imagine that the well-deserved Apres Olympics beer is one of the tastiest beverages of a lifetime.  

The Apres Ski beer is about taking time to reflect and tell the stories of the ups and downs of the day.  Here's to the Apres Ski- the one part of the Olympics that we can all enjoy.