October 11, 2016

Get a Discount

Shopping for someone else? Holdsters make unique gifts for him or her.

Gifts for that hard to shop for person

How to find unique gifts for him or her?

golden retriever puppy giant

(don't get them a puppy...)

Yes.  We think that Holdsters make the coolest gifts for under $30 (they are... duh).  But... sometimes you need to branch out a bit...  Here's what we think you should do to get people awesome gifts that they'll be psyched with every time.

1) Booze.  This is the often-overlooked gift that makes everyone (with the exception of those who don't drink...) happy.  Just remember to buy them what they like and NOT what you wish they'd get you.  I've given high-end champagne to a buddy who prefers Busch cans- he ended up sneaking sips from his Busch from under the table while pretending to enjoy the fancy French bubbly...  Get them what they like!  If you're lucky they'll share with you.

2) Food.  Yep- You'll notice a theme here...  Consumable gifts are where it's at!  Give someone some fancy salami from Olympia Provisions or, if you're looking to spend tons of $ order up a leg of Jamon Iberico.  If you're not into fancy meats then a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant is sure to be appreciated.  Coffee subscriptions are also awesome- I'm currently ADDICTED to Seedhouse Coffee.

3) Experiences.  These gifts are AWESOME.  Look for classes at your local community college (think 'knife skills' or 'pottery'), concerts, wine/beer tastings, renting downhill mountain bikes, backcountry hut trips, etc.  Think about all of the cool experiences that make you say "That'd be AWESOME but I don't have time/money/skills...." so you wimp out on doing them.  Don't you wish someone would just sign you up and pay for it!  Do this for your loved ones and they will be happy, happy, happy.

4) Other Subscriptions: In my opinion food and drink subscriptions are the best but, if you're not into that kind of thing, a subscription to Spotify, Netflix, or even the classic magazine subscription can be great.  

The good news is that if you fail on any of these gifts it's OK.  Nobody is stuck with a puppy that they don't have time to take care of.  With consumable gifts the receiver doesn't have to keep something they don't like in case you come over and ask to see it ("Where's that fish-shaped pitcher I gave you last Christmas"?).  Not into consumable gifts?  Ok... Get them a Holdster!