October 08, 2014

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Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru

There are few things that count as an 'adventure' that you can do from inside the confines of your own home (we won't discuss these here...).  To have an adventure, you have to get out- somewhere out in spaces unknown to you.  It doesn't really matter whether you're rediscovering the city in which you live by walking through a neighborhood or burrow that you're unfamiliar with or selling everything you own and hopping into a VW bus and heading south (or North), you set out to have an adventure and the beauty is that you never know what you're going to find.   Never is the key word here- if you head out in a new city looking for adventure but you stick to the rental car and Yelp your way from place-to-place, ordering the recommended dishes and finding comfort in the ease of navigation with the VAST amount of information readily available to us on our mobile devices, that's not a real adventure.  Not to say that it's not a good time but knowing what you're getting into certainly diminishes the excitement and it's much harder to experience obliquity: that is, deviating from the course you've set out on and finding something else that may be better than the intended destination or goal.  

We've all heard it- "The adventure starts when something goes wrong".  Sure, this makes for a good start to a real adventure but sometimes they start when things go really well- when you meet someone interesting, taste some drink that blows your mind, or stumble upon a place  that literally takes your breath away.  When we set out to make the first Holdster it wasn't a Holdster at all- it was just a leather koozie.  Something that looked cooler (to us) than what existed at the time.  Flash forward and here we are- Holdster USA.  Let's see what's next...