Browse our FAQ section to learn more about Holdster Leather Mason Jar Mug Holders


Q: Does it come with a jar?

A: YES.  Each Holdster comes with a 16 oz. Wide Mouth Pint Ball Jar. If you already have plenty of Mason Jars, we do offer an option to ship without one for a few dollars less. 


Q: Is there a warranty?
A:  YES.  Our warranty covers all holdsters for any manufacturing defects.  We do not cover the Ball Jar itself or damage from improper use.


Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping costs are pretty simple: It's $6.99 for all* domestic orders under $75 and free after that.  We ship to Canada starting at $10.  *If you only order accessories and no Holdster mugs shipping prices may be lower.


Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: We currently ship to the USA and Canada.  Sorry, we are not yet setup to ship internationally- If you are interested in becoming a distributor of our products in your country email us at info@holdsterusa.com! 

Q: Where are Holdsters made?
A: Holdsters are manufactured by a family-owned business in Ohio.


Q: My Holdster is too tight- how do I get it OFF?
A: Especially when new, it can be difficult to remove Holdsters from a jar.  Here's the easiest way to get it off:


Q: Ok- How do I get it back ON?


Q: Where do I enter my discount code?

A: When you go to checkout, you will be sent to Paypal to enter your information.  Then you will be redirected to our site to confirm and finalize your order.  There will be a box here for you to enter your discount code before you confirm your order.  (See Below)




Q: Where do I find out about deals and giveaways?

A: Check us out at facebook.com/holdster