May 08, 2012

Get a Discount

Shopping for someone else? Holdsters make unique gifts for him or her.


The Cuppow!


BPA Free, Recyclable, Spill-proof, fits wide-mouth mason jars. 

I have been using my Cuppow! for a couple of months now with my Holdster and I think that the results are in on this one: BUY THIS THING.  I feel like a rockstar when I walk into coffee shops with my ball jar handsomely wrapped in leather and shiny rivets and hand it over the counter to have them fill with some brown gold.  When they get over the initial shock of how sweet my 'travel mug' is, I pop the Cuppow on and screw on the lid.  I could be wearing 4" jean shorts and cowboy boots and be rocking a 3' long rat tail and I don't think that I'd get as much of a rise out of a barrista as this combination does.  Seriously: Start drinking your coffee out of leather-wrapped glass with a Cuppow on top and everyone- especially coffee geeks- will like you.  Period.