May 08, 2012

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The Cuppow!


BPA Free, Recyclable, Spill-proof, fits wide-mouth mason jars. 

I have been using my Cuppow! for a couple of months now with my Holdster and I think that the results are in on this one: BUY THIS THING.  I feel like a rockstar when I walk into coffee shops with my ball jar handsomely wrapped in leather and shiny rivets and hand it over the counter to have them fill with some brown gold.  When they get over the initial shock of how sweet my 'travel mug' is, I pop the Cuppow on and screw on the lid.  I could be wearing 4" jean shorts and cowboy boots and be rocking a 3' long rat tail and I don't think that I'd get as much of a rise out of a barrista as this combination does.  Seriously: Start drinking your coffee out of leather-wrapped glass with a Cuppow on top and everyone- especially coffee geeks- will like you.  Period.

May 08, 2012

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The Mason Jar

"The Mason jar was different." 

-HILARY GREENBAUM and DANA RUBINSTEIN in their April 27, 2012 in their article, "Who Made That Jason Jar".

Click here for the full NY Times article on John Mason- The inventor of the Mason Jar.  A great invention that led to the home-canning revolution.  Unfortunately for Mr. Mason, the success of the jars did not translate to personal success.  Regardless, we're all thankful for the great work he did!

May 04, 2012

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The folks over at Intelligentsia Coffee make me happy; period.  They let you explore your coffee to your heart's desire all while looking at beautiful pictures.  Yes, this makes the coffee taste even better.

March 17, 2012

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Ready for Launch


Holdster begins.

It's been a lot of work refining the Holdster line, but we think that you're going to love these little guys.  We've been through lots of revisions to reach our final designs but it was worth the wait.  We expect to complete the first run of hand-made Holdsters by the end of the week.  Stand by for pictures of the process.  As you can see, we've already opened some beers to celebrate!