Holdster Model 01: Cross Stitch

The Model 01: Cross Stitch - Mason Jar Mug Holder 

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The Holdster Model 01 improves upon on the best drinking vessel available: the canning jar.  Cheap, indestructible, heat-resistant, flavor neutral, healthy, and aesthetically sexy, mason jars are an icon of American made products.  The Holdster slips onto a standard wide-mouth canning jar and acts as an insulating sleeve so you can use it for all of your beverage needs.  Made in the U.S.A. 

  • Made of genuine full-grain vegetable-tanned leather.  Designed for a snug fit on a standard 16oz. wide-mouth mason jar.
  • Hand sewn cross-stitch provides superior holding strength and hand-tapped copper rivets ensure that this handle isn’t going anywhere.
  • Removable for cleaning/replacement jar.
  • Patent Pending

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